A few thoughts on time travel - Deborah M. Pratt
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A few thoughts on time travel

A few thoughts on time travel

For those who asked, I am currently working on three, yes three, Time travel projects.  I’m guessing it’s because I’m pretty sure I’ve been to both the past and to the future in my imagination, holographically visualizing this times and places with such detail, actually physical teleportation has to be the next step.  My two most favorite topics by the way are time travel and matter manipulation. Don’t get me wrong.  I still plan to figure out how we can unify and save the world but even Ming took time off and I am far from Merciless.

My early research reading “A Brief History of Time” By Stephen W. Hawking and “The Loretta Young Show lead to what eventually became “Quantum Leap”.  My current research has guided me to understanding subatomic physics and the reality of waves; all things are waves of energy including light until they are converted to mass which are then particles; atoms, quarks, bosons….  The conversion is particlization and the act of particalization is the principal behind time travel and guess what, the process is not some machine, it’s a part of your body.

The governments have used machines and since the 40’s have been testing them –The Rainbow Project, Philadelphia Experiment, the Manhattan Project, Phoenix project or sometimes called the Montauk Project.  Separating gravity from space, particalization and time and space travel.

“Life with a Cosmos Clearance” is very mind expanding and chapter 4 will take you into detail of who, what, where, when and why.  “The Vision Quest” was written using knowings that incorporate matter manipulation.  TIME CHILD,  SHIFT and TIMELESS will take these to the next level.