I’m voting for Hillary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton

There’s no question she’s the best qualified to serve as President on both national and international levels of politics. She’s been in the rooms where it happens and had to make tough decisions. And hell yes, because she’s a women and men have screwed it up too many times for too many millenniums, so it’s time for all of us to stand up and learn something about adding care, nurturing, unity and dialogue to the mix. It’s time we remember we have to be willing to work twice as hard for everything we want because that’s what women do.



It has only been since 1920 that woman got the right to ,vote and you know what, the world has gotten better because of it. “Trust” your feminine instincts (guys too you know you have them) and cast you vote for real change – not hate or fear or reasons to make us different. We are human first.



Yes, I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries because I like his tenacity and because what he stands for I stand for. I voted for Bernie because I wanted those things included in the change that’s coming. We all know it’s WE THE PEOPLE who must force those changes. No President can do it alone and the masses in America need to remember how to stand up, show up and fight for “truth, justice and the American way”. The real America that gets it done at home first and then helps others in need. That doesn’t colonize and kill to control resources because we have everything we need and people and brilliant minds and bodies to create it into reality. We don’t need oil period.



So, I’m voting for Hillary.



I wish people who say they don’t “like” or “trust” Hillary Clinton would or could articulated “why” they don’t like her. When I ask most people, they don’t have an answer. I personally think the media has done a brilliant job spewing propaganda about words like “feelings” and “trust” with no substance only relentless repetition – certainly not based on her prior actions as a political leader for 40 years. They don’t bother to investigate the fact based truths, only what the media chooses to bombard them with. Think about it. The media is using covert, overt and subliminal tactics, some so subtle that most people don’t even know why they feel the way they feel. Most just repeat what they’ve been told without bothering to find out if there’s a factual truth and more important find your own personal reason based on your morals and your values that define those “feelings”.



So first, remember no human is perfect, if we fail or fall it’s how we get up and go on that counts. Find out YOUR reasons why you don’t like her – so when someone asked you “why” you can knowledgeably and honestly speak your own truth and not repeat the sheep fed bull tv and greedy self serving idiots who have clearly said and historically proven their motives and their financial agendas for people to blindly accept and be controlled by.



Never let fear – “false emotions appearing real” make decisions for you.

Oh and for all you “Haters” –



Haters are either the spawns of Satan, aliens from another world here to destroy humanity or the living dead rotting from inside because you hate yourself. You choose hate every time you bully, harm and denigrate another human being to make yourself feel momentarily better about who and what you really are.




Join together to end fear. When we stand in unity and love, we can make this planet paradise again. There’s enough for everyone – if we let go of greed and share.



Vote Hillary Clinton.