Inner Knowings

Inner Knowings

In the course of my life, I have become aware of a wealth of Inner Knowings. As I awaken into spiritual consciousness I discover and understand all that reside inside the core of soul. Theses Inner Knowings come with our individual DNA and are the pathways to or collective souls. Some Inner Knowings are profound, some are simple, all are important.

Through each life experience; the people I’ve met and conversations we have shared, the places I’ve traveled, the books that took me inside the minds of others and across the expanse of time are pathways to enlightenment. All the things I’ve seen, done or created, have allowed these wonderful Knowings to awaken in me a sense of oneness with the universe. Each day I allow myself to remember, to understand, and then, in return, I have begin to understand me.

What I continue to learn is that we are each a miraculous part of this magnificent, universal source of life giving energy. And I, like each of you, am at one with this entity that is energized by love. This miraculous collective energy exists now and will exist forever. We know that energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can be recreated into to whatever we imagine. Each day we create ourselves and every fiber of our universe into being. Through this collective energy, we can choose to journey here, to this realm and to live on this paradise called Earth. We have come here to learn, love, feel and experience life so that when we are done with these temporal bodies of flesh and blood we can again return to our one collective source and share all that we have been.

By reading this you already understand we about to ascend into a higher realm of spiritual existence. The approaching consciousness will expand you beyond all you have learned.  I ask only that you open your minds and imagine that all things are possible.

It is with great pleasure that I share this partial collection of my Inner Knowings.  It is time to ready yourself to ascend into the powerful consciousness that is yours by right of birth as a Human Being and embrace the gift that are your just by the simple act of living every day. I honor you. Please know, by the act of reading and sharing these thoughts, a host of knowings will be wakened in you just as they were awakened in me. I offer this treasury of understandings in bliss and love and gift them to each and every one of my fellow human beings. I present these knowings with the wish that you each find your way back inside the singular source of loving energy from which we all came and someday will gracefully return.

Our journey through this life is brief; live each moment fully. Love without fear. Laugh and dance with abandonment. Learn everything and then teach what you know freely to all have the desire to learn. Know without question that bliss will fill your heart with love, your days with joy and your life with passion.  I hope that as we join our minds together into one, we imagine a better world, filled with peace, abundance and unconditional love.

Here’s an excerpt of the first five Inner Knowings…


Envision yourself to be the highest, most spectacular version of who you can to be.  Step into it.  Live it to the fullest regardless of all that surrounds you.


Living in balance between work, play, love and rest, assures that no single area of your life becomes too depleted. Leave time for yourself and energy for manifesting your life and always do it through love.


You are a unique part of a limitless source of Universal energy. Draw from it. Let it strengthen the clarity of your thoughts. Open your mind and raise your energetic vibration to reinforce your body, mind and spirit and with it, all you encounter.


Open your instincts. Stand free of fear, quiet your mind and open your senses. Stand in the moment and feel the vibrations others are sending… you will sense the truth. Trust the signals your body sends you. Your eyes, heart, stomach and mind are the lead portals. Trust them when they speak.


Find peace in the silence of your heart for it is in the quiet you will hear the whisper of your greatest dreams.